Pandhora is an innovative Start-Up, born from the union of an engineering company and the European incubator for new businesses. We specialize in mechanical and biomedical engineering as well as the prototyping and patenting of 'Made in Italy' products. Our primary aim is to develop highly innovative products, paying particular attention to comfort and refined aesthetic design – the value of which is recognized by all Italians.

This is possible thanks to the team work of an innovative group of young professionals, each contributing their individual aptitudes and skills.

Motivated by a strong interest in disability and all its related issues, our core aim is the production of exclusive mobility aids for people with disabilities.

Technology In The Service Of Man

The fusion between biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering has allowed us to design and manufacture mobility equipment that couples high levels of comfort with high mechanical performance.

The solutions we create to overcome technical challenges adhere to a number of key goals; simplicity, lightness, functionality, manageability, ergonomics, economic efficiency. By fulfilling these requirements we can be confident that the products we create meet the key challenges faced by our customers.

Our intention is to solve key mobility issues for the individual user and offer highly competitive prices. In order to achieve this purpose we established a Marketing & Sales Area, designed to cater for specific needs and market demands, and carried out in-depth research studies in the field of mobility in collaboration with major Italian universities.

Professionalism and focus are essential in the work of those who contribute to our dream, called Pandhora.


The mission of Pandhora Ltd. is to mitigate the effects of disability, by providing people with physical disabilities with the tools to support and improve their mobility: on the basis of this idea we have created our wheelchairs and mobility solutions.


From Naples and Ancona, two visionary entrepreneurs who firmly believe in innovation, share the intention to dedicate and invest their knowledge of mechanical and biomedical engineering. Moved and motivated by their surroundings they have an explosive mixture of typical Neapolitan inventive genius and the characteristic solid pragmatism common throughout Marche. They decided to found a new organisation in Italy: Pandhora – to pursue ethical and social change.


Among our various goals and achievements in particular we intend to continue to bring new ideas and products to the busy and innovative Healthcare market.

Based on our sales and promotional channels, experience of the market and research through international trade fairs we hope to expand our trade both in Italy and internationally. In this regard, our goal is to engage rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics and orthopedics; our particular strength is from recognized, in-depth research studies in the field, which show that our products (all patented) are beneficial to people with problems in the spine.