What is the Multi-Seating?

Literally it means “Many-Seatings”, is our new concept about wheelchairs, consisting of a system suitable to allow the user to take multiple positions on the same seat.

What the Multi-Seating is used for?

Our body is not made to be firm and motionless: even in the case of physical disability it is right that it can sometimes change position.
Thanks to the Multi-Seating system, however, the user’s body will have the ability to vary position on the wheelchair whenever it deems appropriate, resulting in immediate and tested (from thorough university studies) benefits related to the improvement of breathing (consequent to a better aperture) and blood circulation; in addition, joint pain will be avoided as a result of continuous muscle stimulation.

Is it complicated to use the Muti-Seating?

We conceived our wheelchairs so that the user could push their residual skills as far as possible, gradually increasing the level of mobility.

Does Multi-Seating affect the weight and size of the wheelchair?

The meticulous engineering design that is at the base has enabled us to integrate additional functions without inserting any further components: the result is a structurally compact wheelchair, elegant in form and ultralight in substance.

Resting your ankles what it is used for and sitting on the contrary?

This is a position involving an active ergonomic seat, which constitutes together with the body a dynamic system in equilibrium, where the center of gravity moves according to the movement of the parts of the body and the position assumed, encouraging an always balanced movement.
In addition, the angle between the torso and legs causes
aperture of the diaphragm, thus improving the breathing, therefore, it is an effect of a correct position.
Finally, for precision, this new sitting position, as described above, corresponds to the physiological structure of the upright posture.

What is the cushioning seat?

It is another patented system, which, thanks to an aluminium alloy panel (of heat-treated air-derivation at one end), allows a level of flexion that can dampen the vibrations during the march; by the way, by simply moving the axle that supports the seat you can adjust the degree of cushioning to make it stiff as a standard wheelchair.

Does the cushioning seat affect the weight of the wheelchair?

No, because we used a material of size and weight compatible with a common rigid seat, but constrained in such a way as to become flexible without deforming.

Is the wheelchair adjustable?

Our wheelchairs are designed to adapt over time to any variation of position needed to make maximum comfort during use.
Making adjustments is simple: simply use allen and hexagon wrenches to move the adjustment screws on the frame to obtain the new desired trim.

How can I buy a Pandhora wheelchair?

By using our channels and contacting us privately to our communication contact details, you can indicate your favorite wheelchairs distributor: we will ship the wheelchair to it so you can try it.

Are wheelchairs customizable?

Absolutely yes, they are customizable in terms of colors and sizes, satisfying every need, even the most particular.

Is there any assistance?

Yes, we can replace any component within 5 working days, or we may contact our authorized partner closest to you. Our components are guaranteed for 2 years, during which, if there are factory defects, the component will be replaced free of charge.