Always feel at home

Pandora reclining backwards backrest allow you leaning your ankles and maintain the balance naturally, just standing on two self-propelled wheels. With a simple movement, Pandora turns into a fun tool to test skills. This new configuration with active session, allows the user to change the usual sitting position, giving numerous benefits. It encourages a neutral position of the spine; its sitting, used on the contrary, gently tilt your pelvis forward and encourages an upright posture of the spine. The nonstop balancing, however, strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, always active to keep the spine erect, preventing tension on the back and shoulders. The angle between seat and legs improves the circulation and increases the deep breathing. This is reflected positively on the whole body, allowing to keep always active in every moment of the day. If you do not feel ready to try this posture, let someone help you. Moreover, you can override this feature just by clutching two simple screws.

Born to amaze

Pandora-1.0 is the only wheelchair in the world having a multi function, rigid and adjustable resting calves. Thanks to the quick locking joint, you can adjust the height of the calf pad until the complete relaxation of the legs. Moving backward, you can experience weightlessness and supreme relaxation. In fully reclined position, your legs are raised above heart height, giving a liberating feeling of absolute weightlessness and offering a profound sense of well-being. On a conventional seat, the spine is erroneously curved and compression on the lumbar area hinders the circulation, favoring the arrival of joint pain. In this position, instead, the spine retains its physiological alignment. So you have a proper redistribution of loads, getting support and relaxation at any time of the day.