How Pandhora was born and why it is called that?

Pandhora for us is a journey, challenging but beautiful, which starts from another friendship, the one with Javier, a disabled Spanish boy we met at the University in Naples. He had come from Valencia and had bravely gone to enjoy the well-known “Erasmus Project”.

From that meeting and from that coexistence in a humble Neapolitan student residence, the dream was born: to contribute to the raising of the quality standards of life of the disabled, more specifically to enslave our skills devoted to innovation in order to mitigate the effects of disability.

The dream will soon take the form of a limited liability company in the last few months of 2016 and will take the name of the new and innovative science fiction world, Pandhora, represented by James Cameron in the colossal “Avatar”, where essence matters more than materiality, to the point of allowing to Jake Sully, a disabled ex-marine, to live free from the impediments resulting from his condition.


Mitigate the effects of disability through the intelligent use of technology.


To be a leader in technological innovation to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, offering intelligent solutions that allow autonomy, inclusion and the opportunity for an unlimited life.

PANDHORA s.r.l. is an innovative SME (= Small and Medium Enterprise) specialized in mechanical and biomedical designing, in production and patenting of made in Italy products which have the characteristic of being highly innovative, particularly comfortable and attentive to the sophisticated aesthetic taste that is famously attributed to Italians. Pandhora mainly operates in the Healthcare field. It develops technological systems of mobility for the disabled by combining the most innovative concepts of biomedical and mechanical engineering. It is a front-line company involved in research projects in the biomedical and engineering field thanks to its Team of mechanical and biomedical engineers.

The company designed several systems for robotic rehabilitation and built them in collaboration with rehabilitation and research centers.

The company obtained several awards for the innovation of its products, including Berlin Falling Walls Lab (international competition for young talents) in Berlin, Germany, in 2014 A certificate for the valuable contribution dedicated to the cause of accessibility and inclusion of disabled users during AccessAbilities 2016 Dubai (the first Disability exhibition in the Middle East), highest position in the SEUA 2016 course in Milan (start-up competition) in the Healthcare field, Top 2018 Vertis Prize in Naples as best fundable idea and winner of the call “Innovare In Rete” promoted by Banca Etica for innovative projects with high social impact.

Our team is made up of young mechanical and biomedical engineers, involved in front-line in design and production in the Top Quality Wheelchair field.